Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The importance of the "Original Kings of Comedy" film.

Comedy tours come and go pretty often,great comedy tours are a rare but fantistic event. The "Original Kings of Comedy" was great and is probably the best known comedy tour of the last 15 to 20 years. The event of Steve Harvey,D.L.Hugely,Cedric the Entertainer,and Bernie Mac(r.i.p.) was a show that I thought really brought stand-up back into the publics eye. Spike Lee is to be credited with making a unbelievable film and bringing stand-up to a huge audience of which many probably have never even been to a stand-up show. The closest most people had to ever watching stand-up at the time was the t.v. show Seinfeld untill "OKC" hit in 2000.

Spike Lee made a movie showing everyone not only how funny these guys were but how fun it was to go see stand-up's live. Before "OKC' you would see a few half hour comedy specials on Comedy Central,HBO,or Showtime but usually those were few and far between. Since "OKC" in 2000 you have seen not only stand-up take off but Comedy Central has benefited greatly. Comedy Central has many more stand-up half hour specials that not only feature the "big" names in standup, but also the "lesser" know comedians that are making a name for themselfs. Most notably is probably "The Blue CollarComedy Tour" which may never even had happen if not for the huge success of the Orginial Kings of Comedy and the wide audience that it reached.

The Orginial Kings of Comedy did a lot for film and comedy. The films stars went on to become huge success in not only stand-up but in other media outlets. I can only hope with its success and the success of other comedy tours such as "The Blue Collar Comedy","Latin Kings of Comedy", and "The Queens of Comedy" that stand-up will continue to be as popular as it's ever been. I urge if you have never been to a comedy club please go and see it how much better it is in person than it is watching on tv.,not only will you have the time of your life but it will keep comedy strong.

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