Friday, May 20, 2011

Joe Rogan podcast to join Sirius/XM "The Virus"

This weekend Joe Rogan's podcast will begin on Sirius/Xm channel 206/105 Saturday at noon and again Sunday at 5am and 6pm. Rogan is fantastic and his podcast ranks up there with the best on the net. I know Rogan is known by some/most for his role in the "UFC" but he is one of the best stand-up's in the country! If you only know him from "UFC" I highly urge you to check out his podcast either on it's websiye listed below or on Sirius/XM. As always with Rogan I always have to say "Thank you" to Mr. Rogan for busting out that fraud Carlos Mencia which you can see the clip a few post below. I'm sure Rogans podcast will become a main stay on Sirius/XM as has Kevin Smiths smodcast.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

The most under-rated man in comedy: Ron Bennington

Everybody has heard of Bill Cosby,Jim Norton,Bob Saget, and Bob Newhart but not everyone has heard such in depth and thought provoking interviews as what you experiance with a Ron Bennington interview. Ron is known from the "Ron and Fez" show thats on Sirius/XM channel 105 as a very intelligent and very funny and quick witted style of humor.

Ronnie B. started as a stand-up comedian in Florida and later got into radio. Radio is when Ronnie B. started to get the opportunity to do what I think he does best,interview. He is the creator and host of the best show for interviews with comedians called "Unmasked". Bennington can hold is own with any subject on any matter and it really makes for gripping interviews. His topics can range from comedy back grounds to events that have shaped and changed the comedians lives. The reason over and above all else that makes "Unmasked"(and his new project Ron Bennington Interviews with all sorts of celebs) such a hit is Ron's true love for stand-up comedy. I know some will think this is a overstatement but I do believe his "Unmasked" shows are some of the most important captions of comedy in our generation. People like Ronnie B. is why I love stand-up comedy as much as I do.

If you're a die hard fan of comedy or just enjoy a good interview with a broad range of guest than you can't find anyone better at it than Ronnie B. Please check out the links I have supplied below and I'm going to add the on the side bar also,and I promise you will find a interview that you wanna hear and you'll love it! Also if you have Sirius/XM check out channel 105 The Virus for the best comedy in space and take a listen to see if you agree that Ron Bennington IS the most under-rated man in comedy!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stand-up podcast.

For anyone interseted in some stand-ups that have weekly podcast you're in luck cause I have find some good ones for ya! First off is Marc Marons podcast "WTF".This is a great podcast with not only great guest like Andy Dick,Bobcat Goldwait,and Ed Helms but he even has some of his live on stage act that you can easily listen too. If your not familar with Marc Maron you should really check out this podcast because he is a great stand-up and is really under-rated as a host.

The last one I wanted to add is a personal favorite of mine and thats Bill Burr's "Monday Morning Podcast". Burr is one of the best stand-up comedians out there and his "no holds bar" podcast just proves how funny he is. The best thing about this podcast is a lot of it feels like your just hanging out shooting the shit with him as they don't really have a set "start here,end here" kind of feel. Burr is at his best expressing his true feelings and in these podcast thats what you get.

So please go check out these two great podcast as I'm sure you will add them to your weekly routine. If anybody else has any great podcast,please send me a email or a comment and let me know. Thanks

Marc Maron "WTF"

Bill Burr "Monday Morning Podcast"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jerry Seinfeld finally enters the 21st century!

Jerry Seinfeld finally has his own website and it's about damn time! Seinfeld is obviously one of the most well known and respected comedians of all time and this new website helps bring his actual stand-up work to a new generation. His website has a great asortment of some of his first tv appearances and some great personal info straight from the horses mouth. One other great feature is it also gives his tour dates which in years past have been somewhat a pain in the ass to find. So if you like Seinfeld or just enjoy great stand-up comedy I highly suggest you check out the site. One last thing,if you don't think Seinfeld "puts in the work" now that he is rich,it will be a real kick in the balls when you see he is still going strong and doing it better than most!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Reveiw of Jim Nortons "Dispicable" cd

I have been listening to "Despicable" by Jim Norton over the last few days and I must say it's classic Norton. It's offensive,rude,tastless,and hilarious! I think one of Nortons "charms" or likeability is his self deprecating humor and over all out look. He has the balls to truely say how he feels and thinks which in todays fucking terrible politically correct bullshit is a breath of fresh air. In the world of stand-up Norton offers a view I believe is more mainstream than garbage like "You know yur a redneck" and does it in his "back-alley" style. So if you like other dvd and cd's of Norton I believe you will like this,and if you have never heard Norton then put the kids to bed and check him out on youtube!!