Monday, May 9, 2011

Reveiw of Jim Nortons "Dispicable" cd

I have been listening to "Despicable" by Jim Norton over the last few days and I must say it's classic Norton. It's offensive,rude,tastless,and hilarious! I think one of Nortons "charms" or likeability is his self deprecating humor and over all out look. He has the balls to truely say how he feels and thinks which in todays fucking terrible politically correct bullshit is a breath of fresh air. In the world of stand-up Norton offers a view I believe is more mainstream than garbage like "You know yur a redneck" and does it in his "back-alley" style. So if you like other dvd and cd's of Norton I believe you will like this,and if you have never heard Norton then put the kids to bed and check him out on youtube!!

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