Friday, May 13, 2011

Jerry Seinfeld finally enters the 21st century!

Jerry Seinfeld finally has his own website and it's about damn time! Seinfeld is obviously one of the most well known and respected comedians of all time and this new website helps bring his actual stand-up work to a new generation. His website has a great asortment of some of his first tv appearances and some great personal info straight from the horses mouth. One other great feature is it also gives his tour dates which in years past have been somewhat a pain in the ass to find. So if you like Seinfeld or just enjoy great stand-up comedy I highly suggest you check out the site. One last thing,if you don't think Seinfeld "puts in the work" now that he is rich,it will be a real kick in the balls when you see he is still going strong and doing it better than most!

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