Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Cheat" Bob Kelly,Bill Burr,and Joe DeRosa

This weekend "Cheat" will be shown at the Tribeca film festival and to the many fans awaiting to see what these three stand-ups came up with. I have only seen a short trailor(posted below),but I'm willing to bet that anything with these three will be highly entertaining. I have seen Burr and Derosa live and they both killed it,and all three are regulars on the "Opie & Anthony Show" on Sirius/XM. I hope to see the film soon and when I do I'll be sure to have another thread on it. If anyone gets to see it this weekend please leave a comment.

Also I'm posting a link to a interview with the boys from a GREAT comedy website called "The comic's comic"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stand-up's on late night t.v. this week!

First up is "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. A pretty soild line-up for Jay this week starting Wednesday with the very funny Kevin Hart. Thursday is a great show for anyone that likes comedy with very talent Chelsea Handler and Judd Apatow

"Last Call" with Carson Daily has John Lehr on this Wednesday night.

"The Late Show"  with David Lettermen has Bill Maher on tonight,then on Friday night  Brian Kiley.

"The Late,Late Show" with Craig Ferguson starts off with the always funny Wanda Sykes and ends it Friday night with Bob Saget!

And lastly we have "Lopez Tonight" with George Lopez. Lopez starts things off with one of the funniest people in the world Jim Jefferies. Wednesday night Jeff Ross is sure to kill it, and then on Thursday night Eddie Griffin.

Over all a pretty good week and of course it's always a good week when there is no Tyler Perry!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The art of joke stealing.

Joking steal is as old as jokes themselves,but does that  make it ok? Some comedians can make "borrowed" jokes work better than the orginal author and some comedians don't mind giving that joke to someone else. I'm sure doing stand-up night after night,hanging out with other comedians and listening to other's do their sets you could pick up others jokes and not even realize it. Take for instance comedian Otto Peterson from "Otto&George",he was upset at Jay Mohr for just using a phrase that Otto feels like is his. Jay and Otto later squared everything up but it shows how touching comedians can be with their routines.

So is joking stealing a bad thing? Well it depends on if you are the one cashing in on it,or if you are like me and believe if you don't have the talent you shouldn't be the one "make'n bank" on it. Some very well known and well liked stand-up comedians are in fact joke stealers. Dane Cook has long been rumored to be a joke stealer thats one reason he is not well "liked" around a lot of comedy circles. The best case of a joke stealer and just over all douchbag is one Carlos Mencia. Mencia is a pure fruad and is despised thru out most stand-up comedy circles everywhere. Carlos denied for years he stole jokes untill a few things "happened" and he was flat out busted. One,George Lopez has been said to have punched Mencia in the face back stage at a show for stealing his material. Then this happened

So after seeing that do you think its ok for a comedian to steal anothers bit? As for Mencia now,he acts all big and bad and says that he makes the jokes "work" when others cant. Really you stupid fat fraud fuck? By the way "Carlos" you call yourself a "beener" YOU ARE FROM HOUNDARS AND YOUR NAME IS NED!! There is nothing worse in comedy than a fraud. It cheats the fans,the other comedians and art of stand-up. If you don't have the talent to write your own set,then you shouldn't cash in off someone elses.

Monday, April 18, 2011

This week in late night!

First off with the birthday boy Conan,well he doesn't have any stand-up's on this week but does have Tyler Perry. Conan you are dead to me now.

Jay Leno and The Tonight Show isn't that great either but he has Matt Damon(I know not a stand-up but still a funny dude) on tonight. Also on Tuesday night he has the very funny and talented Whitney Cummings.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is pretty damn good this week. It starts off tonight with the great Colin Quinn. Tuesday has Russel Brand. Wednesday has Amy Poehler,and on Thursday Penn and Teller(trust me these are some funny guys!).

Late Show with David Lettermen always has a great lineup and is no different this week. Monday night he has Chris Rock. Thursday is the great Steve Martin and his band. Then on Friday he has Danny Mcbride.

The Late late Show with Criag Ferguson(?) has Kathy Griffen on Tuesday night.

Lopez Tonight has Tracy Morgan on tonight and why in the hell this guy gets work Tyller Perry

Conan O'Brien turns 48

Happy birthday to Conan O'Brienas he turns 48 today. Tonight will be a good show to watch,I'm sure they will have a lot planned for the red-headed funny man.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Patrice O'Neal "Elephant in the Room" DVD

Patrice O'Neal's new comedy special may be his best yet! O'Neal  always brings his A game when he is on stage but he is even more on point in this one hour special. His "sexual harassment day" bit is Patrice at his best. If you are a fan of some of his other stuff I think you will love this one. The DVD also offers many extras that also make it a must have for those that love stand-up comedy!

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Talking Funny" a HBO special.

Next Friday night at 9:00pm(EST) on HBO they are showing a "round table" discussion with four of the best stand-up comedians today. Ricky Gervais,Jerry Seinfeld,Louie C.K.,and Chris Rock will be talking stand-up and comedy in general. Trust me if you have HBO this is a MUST watch for anyone that loves comedy!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Greatest of all time stand-up comedians?

I check out Dead Frog comedy page everyday and today I took a look at their GOAT list for stand-up comedians and have to take issue with it. Carlin and Pryor are 1 and 2 which is a given,any stand-up list that doesnt have them two on top is in a word retarted. After them two is where I start to take issue,now granted this list is made from a poll done by comedy "fans",but just because you saw a funny stand-up this year does not make him top 25 all time! When the list has Patton Oswald higher than Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan 9 spots higher than Bill fucking Cosby that shows there are alot of people that just dont understand/get stand-up comedy. This isn't a knock on Gaffifan or Oswald ,I think both guys are pretty damn funny,but Cosby still does 2 HOUR sets! Thats unheard of in stand-up in he is in his 70's and Seinfeld paved the way for stand-up's everywhere to have their own show about what THEY want it to be about. The one tho to me that is damn near insulting is the "fans" have Criag Ferguson higher than Johnny Carson and Bill Hicks! Are you kidding me?? How the fuck is that even possible,better yet why in the hell is Criag Ferguson even a option? Look I like Ferguson and I think he does a good job with this late show but Jesus I can 50 stand-up comedians before I would even consider him. Shit thats just embarrassing.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most about this list is the fact that "fans" are responsible for the out come of it. I get that a lot of younger people may not remember or have even seen the likes of a Bill Hicks,Johnny Carson or Bill Cosby doing stand-up and that a shame. Maybe others are not such  a nerd of stand-up like myself but in a way I feel sorry that they are not. Most people watch stand-up for a quick laugh or as a fun night out which is fine but I think many are missing the true art of stand-up. While there are a lot of funny people on this list,there are very few artist on the list. Cosby,Carson,Seinfeld,Pryor,Carlin and in my mind C.K. are more than stand-up's,they are artist. Anyone can get on stage and tell a joke,few can get on stage and change a generation like these comedians have. You think I'm wrong? Do you think Pryor and Cosby changed the way many whites looked at black comics? Do you think Carlin changed the way many people looked at free speech? How about watching a show about "nothing"? Thats what truely great stand-up's can do,change the way people think.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Comedy Central's "Comedy Awards" Show of comedy awards

First thought,the show was great! Other than the lip singing by Akon with the unfunny Adam Samberg it was pretty damn funny. All the guest semmed to have a great night and the awards were pretty spot on.  By the way,back to the Akon and Adam SAmberg "song" who the hell OK that shit?? Really?? First off if you get a "R&B" singer you better get one that doesnt have to auto-tune to be able to sing,you know why?? Because he has to lip sing in person! It was awful!! Then to pair up a terrible live "peformer" with Adam Samberg is just adding shit to a puke sandwich. The only I have EVER seen Samberg do that was funny was "Lazy Sunday" with Chris Parnell and then he shot that to hell that "movie" Hot Rod.

Anyways, I thought the awards for the most part went to the right show's or comedian. Eddie Murphy won the "Comedy Icon Award" and rightfully so,but as I was watching old clips of Eddie I thought myself "what the hell happen to Eddie Murphy since the 90's??". I mean Eddie is one of the greatest stand-up's of all time and he just disappeared into shitty movies! This is the guy that made "Delirious" and "Raw". He was in hit movies like "Beverly Hills Cop","Trading Places" and "Coming to America". Now the things I remember him for are "Holy Man" and "Pluto Nash"! Yuck! Whoever his agent is needs fired for the shit he has been in for the last 15 years. I guess maybe I just need to go back 20 years and watch his funny SNL skits again to remember what is the real Eddie Murphy.

The best thing of the entire show had to be Bill Murray and his introduction of David Letterman the recipient of the "Johnny Carson" lifetime achievement award. Murray did a fantastic job and as Letterman later said "he is the funniest man in the room",Murray knocked out of the park. Letterman was amazing as well,I think people dont give him enough credit for what a great stand-up comedian he is. Mr. Letterman was very deserving and I cant think of a better first recipient of a award named after his very good friend Johnny Carson. Congratulations to Dave and all winners for the night,(you can find all the winners on the comedy central link I have posted) and I look forward to next years award show.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

American:The Bill Hicks Story

If you dont know who Bill Hicks is you really need to! He is not only considered one of the greatest stand-up comedians ever but he is a hero to many all over the world. Hicks changed the game in stand-up,he was rude,crude but honest. He joked about things that were real to him and was a master of working a room. His "one liners" are still used today by many comedians. If you like dark,dirty,self-degrading humor then Bill was the first and the best. When you watched Hicks peform he was talking about things he truley believed in and wasnt afarid to put it out there. At a time when most comedians were doing "safe" observation material(exp.Jerry Seinfeld) Bill was up front,in your face,dirty but mostly he was telling you the truth about any subject and all subjects. He was doing church and handicap jokes when they were taboo even tho he knew it would keep him from going "mainstream".

Sadly Bill was taken way too young of pancreatic cancer at the age of 32. His comedic style and intelligent brand of humor is sadly missed. Thankfully a new movie called "American:The Bill Hicks Story" is out and bringing everyone a chance to rediscover or for a new generation to discover one of America's greatest funny man ever. So I urge everyone to get out and see this film because I promise you if you do,you will see how many of todays stand-up comedians were/are effected by Bill Hicks. I would love to hear your thoughts if you go see this film. I hope this film brings Bill into the mainstream and show's everyone what a true talent he was.

For dates,times and theaters please see the link below.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Comedy Central "Comedy Awards" this Sunday night.

Comedy Central will be holding the first "Comedy Awards" this sunday night at 9:00est and it should be a great event evn tho Adam Samberg will be apart of it. They have many categories including best comedy screenplay to the Jonny Carson Award for comedic excellence which should mean right there that nothing Tyler Perry has ever done will be nominated. Comedy Central does a great job with the roast and I hope this show is along those lines. It will great for comedy and stand-up comedy to have a awards show that is long over due,my only concern is they may go to mainstream with it. What I mean is I hope they award the right people and shows and not playcate to the mainstream. Take for instance the stand-up special award,it has Aziz Ansari,Bill Maher,Whitney Cummings,Ricky Gervais,and Louie C.K.. If Gervais or Louie doesnt win this award then something is wrong. Hell the fact Bill Burr's "Let it go" isn't a opition should tell you they didnt think this thing thru. But in the end I think it will be a great event and a fun night of t.v. even if we have to suffer thru the utter bland humor of SNL "comedians" I'm sure doing something stupid during the show. By the way if SNL wins any awards then they will have lost all crediblity as a award show. So I hope everyone watches and who knows you might find a new stand-up comedian or comedy show that you love.(please no Tyler Perry please!)

Stand-up this weekend.

First of close to home Jim Norton will be at the FunnyBone all weekend in Columbus,Ohio

Jeffrey Ross is in Kirkland,WA at Laughs Comedy Spot

Dave Attell is in Raleigh,NC at Goodnights Comedy Club

D.L.Hugely is in Virginia Beach,Va at the FunnyBone{fc5e56d7-8f9f-11d4-8736-0001026c3d97}

Brian Posehn is in San Francisco,CA at Cobb's Comedy Club

Jay Mohr is in Mashantucket,CT at the Foxwoods Casino

Hopefully someone on here is close by and if not still get out to your local comedy club and support whomever is there!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life as a stand-up comedian.

I have been to a few comedy clubs over the last 10 years and I have ALWAYS had a great time! I started thinking about what it must be like to be a stand-up and to live that life. I cant imagine all the work and hours they put in day after day and night after night to get better. I would love to interveiw a stand-up comedian just to find out what it all is really like. Hopefully one day soon I'll get that chance and will be able to post it on here for everyone to enjoy. If you know any comedians that would be interseted in a interveiw please contact me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is Jay Mohr under-rated??

Jay Mohr has been on tv and in movies for years,yet I dont believe the public realize how talented and funny he is. Jay has had some big roles but I see far less talented people that have far more fame,and I just dont get it. I understand Jay rubs some people the wrong way and that he usually doesnt put up with shit but thats one of the things I like about him. I urge you to go to youtube and look up some of his impressions of other actors and comedians. His call in's to the "Opie and Anthony Show" are legendary and really show off how talented he is on the fly. I can prove my point about Jay being under-rated. Frank Caliendo is always on tv doing his many,many different impressions which is what made Frank so famous. Calinedo even has a routine guest spot on FOX "NFL Show" every week during the season. So how does a guy that isn't as talented at impressions get more headlines then the guy that maybe the best impressionist of the last 30 years?? It's the safe,politiclly correct,lame mainstream drivel that gets shoved in our faces in the media these days! True comedy and the ones that are great at it go against the grain and ruffle feathers. It's unfair when a talent like Jay Mohr isn't given his do when the likes of Caliendo cash in every year!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Stand-up Comedians on late T.V. this week.

A great week on "The Late,Late Show with Craig Ferguson" for stand-up junkies!
Tonight D.L. Hugley,and on Wednesday Marc Maron!

This week on "The Tonight Show" not a great line up with only Tracy Morgan being on tonight.

A pretty good line up this week on "Lopez Tonight" with Drew Carey on Tuesday,Lisaa Lampanelliand on Thrusday Danny Mcbride.

"Conan O'Brien" has a great week of stand-up lined up also. Tonight Russell Brand and a regular on "Chelsea Latley" Roy Wood Jr. On Tuesday Tracy Morgan and very funny Charlyne Yi. On Wednesday Danny Mcbride will be on the show,and a biggie on Friday with the great Colin Quinn!

Over all a pretty good week on late night t.v.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jim Norton

I had the privalge to see Norton live in Feb. and after his show I picked up his two books "I hate your guts" and "Happy Endings". I havent finished them yet but they are FANTASTIC! I strongly urge you to pick them both up. I recieved this week a copy of his new stand-up cd "Despicable" and it is some of his best work. If you enjoy self-deprecating,filthy humor like I do,then this cd is a must have!By the way on a side note,if you go to a comedy club please stay afterwards buy some of there cd's and books. I was amazed how few people after the show bought anything. I know Jim is hurting for money but if you to a show of lesser known comics help them out alittle and buy their cd's. If anyone has read or listen to his new cd let me know what you thought about it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Down & Dirty with Jim Norton - Patrice O'Neal

What a better way to kick off the weekend then with some Patrice O'Neal from Jim Nortons Down and Dirty show.