Monday, April 18, 2011

This week in late night!

First off with the birthday boy Conan,well he doesn't have any stand-up's on this week but does have Tyler Perry. Conan you are dead to me now.

Jay Leno and The Tonight Show isn't that great either but he has Matt Damon(I know not a stand-up but still a funny dude) on tonight. Also on Tuesday night he has the very funny and talented Whitney Cummings.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is pretty damn good this week. It starts off tonight with the great Colin Quinn. Tuesday has Russel Brand. Wednesday has Amy Poehler,and on Thursday Penn and Teller(trust me these are some funny guys!).

Late Show with David Lettermen always has a great lineup and is no different this week. Monday night he has Chris Rock. Thursday is the great Steve Martin and his band. Then on Friday he has Danny Mcbride.

The Late late Show with Criag Ferguson(?) has Kathy Griffen on Tuesday night.

Lopez Tonight has Tracy Morgan on tonight and why in the hell this guy gets work Tyller Perry

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