Thursday, April 14, 2011

Greatest of all time stand-up comedians?

I check out Dead Frog comedy page everyday and today I took a look at their GOAT list for stand-up comedians and have to take issue with it. Carlin and Pryor are 1 and 2 which is a given,any stand-up list that doesnt have them two on top is in a word retarted. After them two is where I start to take issue,now granted this list is made from a poll done by comedy "fans",but just because you saw a funny stand-up this year does not make him top 25 all time! When the list has Patton Oswald higher than Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan 9 spots higher than Bill fucking Cosby that shows there are alot of people that just dont understand/get stand-up comedy. This isn't a knock on Gaffifan or Oswald ,I think both guys are pretty damn funny,but Cosby still does 2 HOUR sets! Thats unheard of in stand-up in he is in his 70's and Seinfeld paved the way for stand-up's everywhere to have their own show about what THEY want it to be about. The one tho to me that is damn near insulting is the "fans" have Criag Ferguson higher than Johnny Carson and Bill Hicks! Are you kidding me?? How the fuck is that even possible,better yet why in the hell is Criag Ferguson even a option? Look I like Ferguson and I think he does a good job with this late show but Jesus I can 50 stand-up comedians before I would even consider him. Shit thats just embarrassing.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most about this list is the fact that "fans" are responsible for the out come of it. I get that a lot of younger people may not remember or have even seen the likes of a Bill Hicks,Johnny Carson or Bill Cosby doing stand-up and that a shame. Maybe others are not such  a nerd of stand-up like myself but in a way I feel sorry that they are not. Most people watch stand-up for a quick laugh or as a fun night out which is fine but I think many are missing the true art of stand-up. While there are a lot of funny people on this list,there are very few artist on the list. Cosby,Carson,Seinfeld,Pryor,Carlin and in my mind C.K. are more than stand-up's,they are artist. Anyone can get on stage and tell a joke,few can get on stage and change a generation like these comedians have. You think I'm wrong? Do you think Pryor and Cosby changed the way many whites looked at black comics? Do you think Carlin changed the way many people looked at free speech? How about watching a show about "nothing"? Thats what truely great stand-up's can do,change the way people think.

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