Friday, April 8, 2011

Comedy Central "Comedy Awards" this Sunday night.

Comedy Central will be holding the first "Comedy Awards" this sunday night at 9:00est and it should be a great event evn tho Adam Samberg will be apart of it. They have many categories including best comedy screenplay to the Jonny Carson Award for comedic excellence which should mean right there that nothing Tyler Perry has ever done will be nominated. Comedy Central does a great job with the roast and I hope this show is along those lines. It will great for comedy and stand-up comedy to have a awards show that is long over due,my only concern is they may go to mainstream with it. What I mean is I hope they award the right people and shows and not playcate to the mainstream. Take for instance the stand-up special award,it has Aziz Ansari,Bill Maher,Whitney Cummings,Ricky Gervais,and Louie C.K.. If Gervais or Louie doesnt win this award then something is wrong. Hell the fact Bill Burr's "Let it go" isn't a opition should tell you they didnt think this thing thru. But in the end I think it will be a great event and a fun night of t.v. even if we have to suffer thru the utter bland humor of SNL "comedians" I'm sure doing something stupid during the show. By the way if SNL wins any awards then they will have lost all crediblity as a award show. So I hope everyone watches and who knows you might find a new stand-up comedian or comedy show that you love.(please no Tyler Perry please!)

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