Monday, April 11, 2011

Comedy Central's "Comedy Awards" Show of comedy awards

First thought,the show was great! Other than the lip singing by Akon with the unfunny Adam Samberg it was pretty damn funny. All the guest semmed to have a great night and the awards were pretty spot on.  By the way,back to the Akon and Adam SAmberg "song" who the hell OK that shit?? Really?? First off if you get a "R&B" singer you better get one that doesnt have to auto-tune to be able to sing,you know why?? Because he has to lip sing in person! It was awful!! Then to pair up a terrible live "peformer" with Adam Samberg is just adding shit to a puke sandwich. The only I have EVER seen Samberg do that was funny was "Lazy Sunday" with Chris Parnell and then he shot that to hell that "movie" Hot Rod.

Anyways, I thought the awards for the most part went to the right show's or comedian. Eddie Murphy won the "Comedy Icon Award" and rightfully so,but as I was watching old clips of Eddie I thought myself "what the hell happen to Eddie Murphy since the 90's??". I mean Eddie is one of the greatest stand-up's of all time and he just disappeared into shitty movies! This is the guy that made "Delirious" and "Raw". He was in hit movies like "Beverly Hills Cop","Trading Places" and "Coming to America". Now the things I remember him for are "Holy Man" and "Pluto Nash"! Yuck! Whoever his agent is needs fired for the shit he has been in for the last 15 years. I guess maybe I just need to go back 20 years and watch his funny SNL skits again to remember what is the real Eddie Murphy.

The best thing of the entire show had to be Bill Murray and his introduction of David Letterman the recipient of the "Johnny Carson" lifetime achievement award. Murray did a fantastic job and as Letterman later said "he is the funniest man in the room",Murray knocked out of the park. Letterman was amazing as well,I think people dont give him enough credit for what a great stand-up comedian he is. Mr. Letterman was very deserving and I cant think of a better first recipient of a award named after his very good friend Johnny Carson. Congratulations to Dave and all winners for the night,(you can find all the winners on the comedy central link I have posted) and I look forward to next years award show.


  1. The Childrens hospital and horrid autotune losers were terrible choices. As well as the rest of it, seemed like it was put together by very unfunny people, despite the funny celebs.

  2. Yeah the autotune was a stupid bit to have on that award show. David Lettermen and his speech really was the highlight of the show. I still think its alittle too mainstream and it really missed on some great stand-up comedians.

    Thanks for the comment