Sunday, April 24, 2011

The art of joke stealing.

Joking steal is as old as jokes themselves,but does that  make it ok? Some comedians can make "borrowed" jokes work better than the orginal author and some comedians don't mind giving that joke to someone else. I'm sure doing stand-up night after night,hanging out with other comedians and listening to other's do their sets you could pick up others jokes and not even realize it. Take for instance comedian Otto Peterson from "Otto&George",he was upset at Jay Mohr for just using a phrase that Otto feels like is his. Jay and Otto later squared everything up but it shows how touching comedians can be with their routines.

So is joking stealing a bad thing? Well it depends on if you are the one cashing in on it,or if you are like me and believe if you don't have the talent you shouldn't be the one "make'n bank" on it. Some very well known and well liked stand-up comedians are in fact joke stealers. Dane Cook has long been rumored to be a joke stealer thats one reason he is not well "liked" around a lot of comedy circles. The best case of a joke stealer and just over all douchbag is one Carlos Mencia. Mencia is a pure fruad and is despised thru out most stand-up comedy circles everywhere. Carlos denied for years he stole jokes untill a few things "happened" and he was flat out busted. One,George Lopez has been said to have punched Mencia in the face back stage at a show for stealing his material. Then this happened

So after seeing that do you think its ok for a comedian to steal anothers bit? As for Mencia now,he acts all big and bad and says that he makes the jokes "work" when others cant. Really you stupid fat fraud fuck? By the way "Carlos" you call yourself a "beener" YOU ARE FROM HOUNDARS AND YOUR NAME IS NED!! There is nothing worse in comedy than a fraud. It cheats the fans,the other comedians and art of stand-up. If you don't have the talent to write your own set,then you shouldn't cash in off someone elses.


  1. Wow worm.... I never realize that type of stuff went on! I was waiting for Joe to smack him! lol

  2. Lol yeah MichiganMan1 me too!! The joke stealing has been going on for years and some comics don't mind it but guys like Mencia just make me sick! Thanks for the comment too!

  3. No prob.. I'm glad you mentioned it on Benji's Blog, now I know your here! I'll be back! Later Worm.