Monday, May 16, 2011

The most under-rated man in comedy: Ron Bennington

Everybody has heard of Bill Cosby,Jim Norton,Bob Saget, and Bob Newhart but not everyone has heard such in depth and thought provoking interviews as what you experiance with a Ron Bennington interview. Ron is known from the "Ron and Fez" show thats on Sirius/XM channel 105 as a very intelligent and very funny and quick witted style of humor.

Ronnie B. started as a stand-up comedian in Florida and later got into radio. Radio is when Ronnie B. started to get the opportunity to do what I think he does best,interview. He is the creator and host of the best show for interviews with comedians called "Unmasked". Bennington can hold is own with any subject on any matter and it really makes for gripping interviews. His topics can range from comedy back grounds to events that have shaped and changed the comedians lives. The reason over and above all else that makes "Unmasked"(and his new project Ron Bennington Interviews with all sorts of celebs) such a hit is Ron's true love for stand-up comedy. I know some will think this is a overstatement but I do believe his "Unmasked" shows are some of the most important captions of comedy in our generation. People like Ronnie B. is why I love stand-up comedy as much as I do.

If you're a die hard fan of comedy or just enjoy a good interview with a broad range of guest than you can't find anyone better at it than Ronnie B. Please check out the links I have supplied below and I'm going to add the on the side bar also,and I promise you will find a interview that you wanna hear and you'll love it! Also if you have Sirius/XM check out channel 105 The Virus for the best comedy in space and take a listen to see if you agree that Ron Bennington IS the most under-rated man in comedy!


  1. Ron is thebest thing that has happened to The Virus. IT'S A shame his partner is holding him back with his mental problems hijacking the show just about every single day.

  2. Tommy you are correct. I like Fez but I think Bennington is very,very talented. I know most hardcore comedy guys know about Ronnie B. but I just think he doesn't get the mainstream attention he should.Thanks for the comment buddy!